3D Multi-head printer for faster production

In the repository you can find the latest materials on 3D-CPAM project progress, including images and videos, as well as technical development information.

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The multi-bridge printer at work

As a result of ten months work on 3D-CPAM experiment, the robust modular machine – Modax3D printer –  that enables the production of tough, accurate, and complex industrial parts using both FDM/FFF 3D printing technology and CNC milling on the same machine simultaneously developed by Mikrotvornica, was upgraded by adding another print head. This upgrade made the printing process 2x faster by printing two models simultaneously.


Flexible, light, comfortable

The printer has so far produced several test patches of light and flexible materials suitable for garment production. Next phase in the project will be the printing of garment parts.


Meet the designer of 3D garments - Danit Peleg

Danit Peleg is a Fashion Designer known for her 3D printed fashion work. In 2015, Danit’s 3D printed graduate project made major waves in the global fashion and tech arenas, for being the world’s first collection to be entirely created using desktop 3D printers from home.

Today, Danits garment production while still operable, is lacking the speed needed for her to meet the needs of her costumers. As an answer to this problem, Danit joined us on the 3D-CPAM project so we could work together on developing a faster way to 3D print her designs.


CloudyFacturing Platform


Single point of access to the consolidated technology by connecting people and facilitating collaboration, as well as providing interactive interfaces for different service providers and workflows.


The Repository for Executable Artefacts centralises the management of all the artefacts (i.e. workflows or applications) deployed and used by the CloudiFacturing platform.


The task of the Workflow and Application Mediator inside CloudiFacturing is multiple; it is responsible for running workflow and application artefacts from the CloudiFacturing repository, and it is acting as a meta-workflow composition tool for creating and running multi-node workflows of the artefacts registered in the CloudiFacturing repository.


The Data Transfer and Browsing System provides a service to connect to data storage resources of various types (such as Amazon S3, Generic Storage Service (GSS) for HPC storages, SFTP, OpenStack Swift, etc.) to perform common data management operations using either its graphical user interface or its REST API.